Sweet Tooth Snack: Dried Fruit

Sweet Tooth Snack

Dried strawberry strips… yum! Great for sweet cravings and healthy snacking. Found in the organic section of my local grocery store.


Cinnamon Raisin Ekekiel Bread


Found in the frozen organic section in my local grocery store. I usually toast it and put butter on it. Yummy and healthy:D

-Polytech Pleasures

The Little Things

  1. Steer clear of late-night eating. Make sure not to eat at least three hours before you go to bed. Eating when your body is just about ready to shut down for the night can lead to a slowed down metabolism over an extended period of time.
  2. Drink lots of water. A lot of the time when you think your body is hungry, it’s actually just thirsty! I guess a sub-category of this tip is to avoid sugary or carbonated beverages. Try to make sure to only drink about two glasses of the both combined per day (maybe juice with breakfast and one glass of soda with lunch). You could even cut your morning juice by filling half the glass with water first.
  3. Veggies with every meal, over fruits. Even it it’s just some sticks of celery! Veggies help to clear your system.
  4. Whole grain. Whenever you can choose wheat over white. It’s so much harder for our bodies to process complex (white) carbohydrates.

Tell us more tips! (reply to our posts, send us a message, comment on this post..etc!)

-Polytech Pleasures

The Plan

Greetings WordPress World, and welcome to our cooking blog. We created this blog because last semester, in terms of food, stunk! At college we have two main dining halls and some assorted cafes/events during the week, but we still felt gross after eating. Commons, the main dining hall literally right next to our residence hall, had a great variety of foods, but no matter what we picked we never seemed to be fully satisfied. So we tried pairing Commons with the mess hall on the academic side of campus: Russel Sage. Russel Sage was slightly better, but not by much. 😛 When we ate the food at the dining halls it made us feel gross, and no one likes feeling icky!

So this semester we are making a goal to try and avoid the mess hall as much as we can. We realize that there are times when it will inevitable that we eat there (in between classes, before exams, during finals…), but who is to say that we have to eat there every meal of every day for the entirety of Spring Semester 2013!? Yeah that’s right, no one! Fortunately,  (Or is this unfortunate?…More on that later perhaps) once you buy a meal plan no one cares if you use it, and thus Polytech Pleasures was born!

Fitting in this new hobby to a busy semester is going to be hard. Below are some helpful tips that we plan on using which we found on a friends Senior Project: “Tales of a Teenage Locavore” (talesofateenagelocalvore.blogspot.com)

1. Plan meals in advance. The reason many people choose fast food and mess hall eating is because it’s quick and on demand, so why not make our cooking experience the same way? We want to make a meal plan for the week on Saturday or Sunday and go grocery shopping over the weekend. Those two hours we spend procrastinating on homework can now be productive!

2. Have easy and quick meals for busy nights. Although we haven’t officially started cooking we have found 10 and 15 minute recipes (5-10 minutes if you prep!) for those nights where you need all the time you can get to do your homework, or go to back-to-back classes and/or club meetings.

3. Save Leftovers! I doubt any one of the ‘chefs’ are going to want to cook every night. There are just some days where you’ve had enough and for those days microwaves were invented. We’re going to try and find foods that aren’t gross after you pop ’em in the microwave for a couple of minutes.

4. (This is our own) Variety. If you cook the same dish over and over because it’s easy and quick and convenient and you’ve found something you like and it’s also healthy and it’s the best thing ever that’s awesome!, but chances are you’re not always going to feel that way…you’re going to get bored. And when you get bored, you need to have other recipes available to avoid unhealthy snacking. We want to learn how to cook many dishes, and have fun with it!! Or learn ways to spice up dishes that are getting blah!

Where we’re at: So far Jennifer has collected some recipes from the Internet, from her parents, and from past experience. Edward has Colombian recipes that he wants to cook. Shanmugam knows some Indian dishes. And Amanda will be cooking Italian dishes that she has cooked before. It’s looking very promising 😀 We have also decided that our blog will do a combination of pictures matched with descriptions, vlogs (video blogs!), updates, and the occasional personal silly posts! The recipes and the links to the sources (if they are not our own) will always be posted.

If you have any healthy recipes, we’d love to try them out. Or if you didn’t like any of ours or have ways to improve ours please reply to our posts. We are new to this, but we are hoping to be succesful:)

-Polytech Pleasures